July 10, 2018

Special Notice ~ July 10

Sorry to tell you this at the last minute but we will not be able to start the new session tonight as planned.

We are working with a new software that the BCA has now provided and it is not working correctly. Trish finished putting in all of the last session’s data late last week and since we’ve been learning it. However, when we went to delete the teams not returning this session, it wouldn’t let us. And, now that their software sets session schedules, it will not create a proper schedule because it thinks there are 15 teams.

We have attempted to talk with them about the problem; however, they are at a tournament and are not available.

So, the only thing we can do is put off the session’s start date for one week. We will begin on July 17, 2018.

Those teams or anyone who shows up tonight can still practice. I will get some tables and you’ll be able to practice for free as long as the table ONLY has BCA players at it.

Sorry for the delay but there was no way around it. Please let all of your players know.